SF Real Estate Data

Analyzing San Francisco's building permits, tax, and property records

Last week, April 16th to the 22nd, San Francisco received 798 applications for a building permit for a total of $139,691,040. This is a drop of about 4.5% in new permits issued and 23% drop in the total cost of construction, as detailed in last weeks post.

There are about 860,000 people and 260,000 properties within San Francisco County limits. Every day the county is responsible for orderly record keeping to ensure that property ownership is transferred among many other things.

Hi Folks, after popular demand, this is going to be the first in a series of weekly posts reviewing San Francisco’s permitting activity last week. As always, these posts will be data driven. It is my hope that these are informative and interesting.

San Francisco has a big problem. The city is projected to have a budget deficit of $907MM by 2022. You would think with real estate prices absolutely booming that the city’s coffers would be flush with property taxes. You’re wrong.